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Please help my 11 year old daughter have a good Christmas.....

Christmas4Kaylee started this conversation

Help,    I am so desperate to try to help my 11-year-old daughter Mikaylee have a decent Christmas. Mikaylee is such a sweet child.  She does not go to school but is home schooled to help care for 98 and 93-year-old great-grandmothers and for me. She does the chores, visits with the elderly, reads and draws pictures for them. She says all she wants for Christmas is a turkey dinner and a drawing pad (she wants to be an engineer and work for Disney. I can't even get her the turkey dinner. Over the past 6 years, Mikaylee has been with the family as we have been through the legal proceedings because her sister, Cassandra, (a 16 year old virgin at the time) was drugged and gang raped by my students (I taught Chemistry and Physics).  The DA said he would not prosecute the boys for rape because they were from “fine families and just made some stupid mistakes” We started civil proceedings. Our minister who was counseling Cassandra at the time committed suicide.  Cassandra went on a self-destructive period, which ended up with her on the streets and us looking for her at all hours of the night.  That is over now thank God and she is in college clean and sober, but is living with a 60ish old man who does not want her to see her family.  My husband and I have had 2 cancer scares, we have lost our home we built and everything we've owned because of high medical, psychological and legal bills, and her father has had a nervous breakdown. We moved to Louisiana after the Hurricanes to help family members rebuild (my husband was a builder).  Last year before Christmas I was hit by a car, suffer spinal injuries, and can barely walk.  Now Mikaylee is afraid to leave to leave my side to go to school, to friends houses, to church, anywhere and she stays home from school to care for the elderly great-grandparents and me.  We now live in a one-room garage apartment.
  Mikaylee is thankful to get a package of gum and hand me down socks. Mikaylee is my best friend; she gives me hope and tries to help me feel better when the pain is so bad.  Just as I want to give up, she is there with a handful of picked flowers, a picture and a story to help me laugh.  Please, I know you know many groups that help with things like this.  Please help Mikaylee have one good Christmas! Please if you cannot help, point me to some group or someone who may.
 Thank you and God bless you, 
  Dana Petty (Mikaylee's mom and best friend) or 110 West 4th St   DeRidder, LA 70634

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Yeah, I believe it.  Its funny how things work.  I was googling some names from the family to see if I could catch up with them and I find this.  I used to date the older daughter my senior year of highschool, but after I graduated in 2001 I moved off and eventually lost touch with the family around 2002 or 2003 I guess.


The year after I graduated in '01, two of my former friends who were a grade below me, did indeed rape her older daughter, and never even spent a day in jail.  After a while, they moved to Austin I guess to give the older daughter a chance to get away from everything she had been through, and they sold their house that her husband had indeed built with his own hands.  And it would be quite believable that a lot of that money would goto legal fees, counseling, and medical fees (She already had back problems back in '01, I wouldn't imagine another wreck would help at all).   They've got a lot of family in SW Louisiana, so it would make sense for them to move back down there after Cassie had graduated highschool, especially after Hurricane Rita had hit as her husband is a carpenter.


I reckon you people can post what you want.  But this story is genuine, and despite what yall say, you won't sway this poster to think Mrs. Petty is anything other than a wonderful person and mother.  Yall have never known her personally, and I have.

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Protect YourSelf

WOW people actually BELIEVE this crap?? it's just kinda funny this lady has absoutlly every issue/problem you could relate to. from hungry.. no food for a turkey dinner.. (YET she has access to a computer and email? WOW.. ) and has elderly .. cancer ... rape .. death .. I mean she covers it ALL in that letter.. ( I say she. but it could be a he? )'s got suicide . depression ... Injustice from the crimminal system.  the list goes on. and their are a few parts of the story that counterdict one another BIG TIME.   Never the less SEND THIS PERSON NOTHING.   this is screaming SCAM all over it..  

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lynn 38
 in response to babyvictory...   

    Please help your daughter                                                                           #1 Please look up the word Parent-it clearly explains what it means.  #2 She doesn't have friends-because you DO NOT GIVE HER THE OPPURTUNITY!!!    #3 She is entitled to participate in recreation programs at the school district you live-I know you home school.   #4 SEND YOUR Daughter to SCHOOL !!!!  How can you teach her since your SO SICK?  #5 Who PROVIDES the food in your home (the garage)?  I have CLEARLY showed you reasons that your child should be in school-they have social services, dietition, GYM Class, Art, Music, SPORTS of all kind (they are free) Plus she will learn to read, write, math, spanish and so much more

           Please tell me how YOU can DENY your daughter this wonderful life-she'll have friends her own age-and a HEALTHY breakfest and lunch each day!

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lynn 38
 in response to Cadbury...   

I am in total agreement with you regarding this so called mom whos 11 child is "her best friend" an 11 year old TAKING CARE OF ELDERLY and HER MOM.  The ONLY thing she is to take care of is her home work and school activities.   I wrote to this woman I'd like you to read what I wrote and give me your opinion. You get it!!!!   I'm very new at this but its under lynn38 look forward to hearing from you.



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Hi, i just saw your message and came to your blog to see if i could help - I was very disappointed that you are in USA if there is anything i might be able to do at this late stage, let me know and i will do my best, God Bless you



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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   

Well, I can certainly say that at least half of what was written in her posts is untrue or at least twisted. They are certainly not on my "I really want to help here" list

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 in response to Cadbury...   

I agree with you cadbury, This is a very sick and dangerous situation for a child to be in. The psychological damage will be irreparable.

First the "mother" say the father is living at home, then he is not? Where is he in all this and why is the child no with him? Also why is there no assistance in this home to help with the elderly and infirm? Doesn't anyone check up on this child? School, social services, something? Something is truly wrong here...

"DA said he would not prosecute the boys for rape because they were from “fine families and just made some stupid mistakes”" "... she is in college clean and sober, but is living with a 60ish old man who does not want her to see her family. "

????? Does anyone else question this?

"We now live in a one-room garage apartment."

 1 child caring for all these people in this apartment? Where the hell is the landlord that is allowing this? CAn you say SCAM???

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My heart goes out to you and your family, but your daughter is an elevn year old child that neeeds to be around children her own age. I do not want to be mean but she is taking on responsibilities that most adult don't even do. Maybe homeschooling is not the best for her. Later in life she my suffer from some social issues. Then, she to may go down the wrong path as her sister did. Sometimes parents mean well, but the child is the one suffereing. Before parents make these typr of decisions for their children, ask the child what do they want. It will make a big difference in the lond run. I speak from expereience. I am a caring mother and currently going to school to become a teacher but I have been a sub for eight years and i know how parents can make easy mistakes.

Thanks for reading!

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 in response to Cadbury...   

why dont you listen now pay attention i am the oneto hae stopped her eating she still sees her dad and the courts wont make it where she cant see him so really read and understand before you comment, i argue all the time with the dadfdy pig,hog elc

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 in response to babyvictory...   

Because you are her parent, her welfare means more then yours and blaming her weight on your husband is sick! You LIVE with her, don't give me that. Someone is providing too much, too unhealthy food and it sure issn't your husband

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 in response to krumbumj...   

thank uoy and god bless, i have called salvation army and they have helped all that applied and cant do no more thank u

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 in response to fallen33...   

thank you for responding, i do keep praying,i am hopeing for a angel to help the situation out some, thank u god bless

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 in response to lynn 38...   

look i am her parent and i cant help being this ill,she dont have friends for she is obeese for her age thanks for her no gooddad who encourages her to eat and i am on my own on this. oh and being her mom i dont think you could tell her not to be there for her mother.  have a nice day

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lynn 38

       I felt sick inside as I read your about your situation! The key word is CHILD who is 11 and NEEDS to be with kids her own age and NOT TAKING CARE of ANYONE!!!!!!!   The best gift you can give your daughter is FREEDOM!! She is taking on responsibilities as an ADULT-Your the ADULT and YOU can't manage- What are YOU THINKING? GIVE your daughter her CHILHOOD !!!!!! I can't understand WHY you are depending on a CHILD, your child to be your best friend- WHERE is her MOM??? 

       Call social services in your area and they will send the appropriate people to take care of elderly people in your home. Did you consider a nursing home for them? From what you said you have at least 3 ADULTS in your home-NOT one of you ever worked-are you saying that the 3 of you can;t come up with diner for the CHILD that TAKES CARE OF YOU 3 ADULTS. For the sake of the CHILD PLEASE GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is ABUSE and what your doing or NOT doing is terrible-GET A LIFE SO YOUR DAUGHTER HAS A CHANCE!!!

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That entire story made me cry. I know you have a lot of good in you, don't let it slip away. Problems are just something to get solved, however you are being overloaded with them. God Bless you I really care for your family, and wish you well.

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I give you my prayers and hopes I wish I could do more. please try your local churches. I know they will help or the salvation army ( I think I saw a link to somewhere) I wish I could do more.know you have a friend thinking of and praying for you and Kaylee everyday. trust in god through him all things are possible. and try to stay strong for your wonderful little girl. god bless. Jen

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I'd like to send Mikaylee a package of art supplies. Please tell me what she likes to do - draw, paint etc and what she likes to draw - anything, animals etc. Thanks!

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